Payer Connection Announces Service Enhancements for Electronic Billing to Secondary Payers

Payer Connection Announces Service Enhancements for Electronic Billing to Secondary Payers

Payer Connection, LLC announced system enhancements that facilitate the billing of electronic claims with remittance information to secondary payers/insurers. Payer Connection has been servicing 837 with COB data (for 2nd & 3rd Payers) transactions for over a 18 months from systems which could output the complex transaction, but it could not offer electronic billing options to secondary/tertiary payers for practices which have systems that are unable to output the COB data correctly. “We learned a lot of the intricacies of secondary billing by being on the receiving end of 835 inbound R/A’s (for posting via standardized web accessible voucher reports) and seeing how that data was then imbedded back into the individual claims for secondary billing from the more sophisticated systems,“ explains Jamie Chesak, System Architect.

“We proceeded to develop the system to bill secondary payers for claims when 1) we received 835 remittance and 2) when we didn’t, “ he continued. “We also wanted it to be easy to use. We were able to connect the 835 claim remittance data (for web-based reporting) with the 837 claims we originally sent. Billing professionals can now send claims to secondary payers [with the remittance information from the primary payer] from the original claim sent through our system to the primary payer. This process is also repeated for sending claims to tertiary payers from the secondary claims. We were also able to do it with one data entry screen making it easier to use than the posting process of most practice management systems, “ he stated further.

Medicare recently notified providers that they must start sending their secondary claims electronically if they were sending [primary] electronic claims. Many practice management systems are still unable to output the 837 data files, let alone 837’s with COB data.

“We are filling the technology gap for those unable to invest heavily in upgrading & supporting their own systems, “ stated Dean Hill, President of Payer Connection. “Our ASP (application service provider) service approach works extremely well for adding service features, new functionality, trading partners, keeping up-to-date with industry practices, and leveraging acquired knowledge. Our short development cycle for rolling out features [such as secondary billing] also keeps our company at the forefront of the industry. There isn’t another clearinghouse in the country that allows its users to bill and edit adjustments for secondary claims, “ he continued.

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