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Why send claims electronically? Here’s the basics; It’s less expensive than printing paper claims, less errors occur by the Payer re-keying or scanning data, and payment turn around time is 50% faster than paper, typically 14 days.If your office is currently sending claims electronically, consider the time and energy your existing process takes to manage. We have streamlined the process so you don’t waste valuable time having to review rejection reports and monitor the activities of your clearinghouse. Some features of our system include:


  • Web based claim tracking and reporting
  • Immediate error notification
  • On-Line editing for pended claims
  • Custom business rules
  • Conversion from any system and any format
  • Integrated Claim and Payment detail
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Why is it so critical to have a process for handling rejected claims? On average, 20% of claims are rejected. It’s an alarming rate confirmed by the use of information we track as part of the system. If the average physician sends 300 claims per month, 60 claims are being handled manually for correction on both the Payer and Provider end at a cost of at least $5.00 dollars per claim for overhead expense, or $300 dollars per month per provider. The American Medical Association estimates this figure to be three times higher but even conservative figures are disturbing and it continues to happen year after year.

Payer Connection delivers the ingredients for putting an end to this black hole; Technology and Information Management. Understanding why claims reject assists in the resolution of on-going problems; efficiently designed applications allow technology to manage the rejections and reduce the effort required to make the correction. Capturing the knowledge of why claims pend helps prevent the problem from reoccurring. It’s a recipe Payer Connection serves it’s clients every day to improve the health of your organization. Here’s a sample of what our customers have to say:

Impressive Difference!

We previously used a large, nationally-known clearing house for sending electronic claims to Medicare, BlueCross, and Medicaid, which together represent 50% of our business. Voluminous paper reports had to be printed for each transmission to try and determine if claims had gone through, and.. if not..why not? There was no local representative to assist us with training or to answer questions. We offered to pay to have someone from this company come to Portland to work with our staff, but they were not able/willing to do so.

Their proposed solution was that we hire more people to work the reports. We got paid quicker on paper claims sent to other insurers than we did on our electronic billing!

After hearing Dean speak at a Clinic Managers’ forum I asked for a meeting with me and our very experienced staff to talk about Payer Connection’s services. Totally frustrated with the other firm, we decided to make the switch. The difference is amazing! It is so easy now for my staff to find and correct errors on-line. If we have questions or problems, Payer Connection is there to assist us. Money is flowing again; our doctors are happy!

Barbara Alminiana, Administrator

Portland Diabetes & Endocrinology Center



“Thank you Payer Connection for making our electronic filing so easy and worry free! We appreciate how quickly our claims process has been turned around, and we are getting paid quicker than ever before. It has been a great experience to work with the Payer Connection team and we are very pleased!”

Somer Shields, Practice Manager – Practice System: GE Centricity

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