For Vendors

Do you provide your customers with the tools to efficiently manage their electronic data exchanges with trading partners?  Do you provide an efficient feedback loop for exception handling of erroneous data?  Do you provide a flexible and responsive system to facilitate communication of disparate data formats for your customers and their trading partners?  If you are unable to answer yes  to all of the previous questions, you should speak with us.  We offer co/re-branded system solutions for:

Provider Vendors
Payer Vendors
  • Practice Management System Vendors
  • Payer System Vendors
  • Benefit Administration System Vendors
  • Billing Services
  • Clearinghouses

Help your customers instantly realize the benefits of Healthcare e-business.  Reduce their administrative overhead and leverage relationships with your customer’s trading partners to expand your own customer base and lines of business.  Put the latest B2B e-commerce technology at their fingertips by adopting industry best practices for e-Healthcare using our solution.

Immediately provide your customers with a HIPAA compliant EDI solution for submitting, validating, tracking, and editing of claim billing, payment, member enrollment and eligibility information using our innovative system.  Your customers will thank you.